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What is CC: Solidarity?

CC: Solidarity is a game where you, the former King of the Five Races, must travel across the torn kingdoms gaining support to eventually unify the Ethereal Plane. Doing so will allow the Kingdoms of the Ethereal Plane to stand a fighting chance against the wave of evil that has corrupted the land.

What has been produced so far?

-Initial Release:
  • Polished Combat System with option to auto fill your units
  • The Beginning of the Story
  • Overworld System
  • Shop System
  • Quest System
  • Menu System
  • Saving/Loading

What is in progress?

  • The Four Remaining regions of the Human Kingdom
  • Decision tree system for Dialogue.
  • Dialogue with more than two people
  • In App Purchases and Ads

Important Things to Know:

  • Every unit you collect only has an Oath that he will only fight alongside you for so many battles.
  • Every unit has an extensive list of stats: Attack, Defense, Hitpoints, Strength, Accuracy, Evasion, Luck, Speed, and Overall (just an average of all stats)
  • Every unit also has a race and a type to go along with it (Types: Melee, Ranged, Magic)
  • Race Advantages (each race is effective against the two races that follow it): Human -> Goblin -> Elf -> Dwarf -> Demon -> repeat
  • Type Advantage (each type is effective against the one type that follows it): Melee -> Magic -> Ranged -> repeat


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