Galactus Prime Release

First, I want to say that I am glad to finally release a beta version of Galactus Prime to the public. As of right now there are infinitely many worlds to explore with unique planets.  There are currently three planet types that are operational, meaning they generate terrain when you land on them. The fire planets are red in color and typically closer to the sun, the water-based planets are blue in color and resemble earth in many ways, the ice planets which are usually farther away from the sun. I will get to the fourth planet type later.

Currently, there are only animals on water planets, and it is completely random which types of animals spawn where. You are unable to travel in water or in mountains right now. Fire planets do not feature any water, so you will not be able to stay there very long unless you bring a lot (coming in a future update).  Ice planets are just like water planets except for the temperature and terrain. 

In the future, there will be a fourth planet type: The Evil Planet. As of right now, your chances of finding one are very slim, but it is possible to find one. When implemented, they will be extremely dangerous and require a lot of supplies and weapons to survive.


Galactus Prime Alpha 1 MB
Jun 26, 2017

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