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Protect the Tower is a simple game in which you must keep out invading red, white, and pink balls and let in purple and yellow balls. The goal is to survive for two minutes and get as high a score as possible. There is also local multiplayer (recommended 2 players). All the controls are shown in the help menu in-game.

Balls will start by coming from one direction, but over time they will start coming from all directions, getting much tougher. Use the arrow keys and the enter key to navigate the menus. 


Red: Basic ball that comes at a normal speed.

White: Comes at you twice as fast as red balls and will do more damage if it breaches your walls.

Pink: Will come at you non-stop and extremely fast until it gets past your defenses, then it will unleash a massive barrage of red balls coming from all directions.

Yellow: They are friendly and you must try and let then in. They will also you you slightly once let in.

Purple: Is a friendly unit the will help defend the tower if let inside. (lasts for 30 seconds)

There may be more balls in the future, but for now deal with these balls. They're coming for you. #NeverForget

Click here to see a preview of the game.

If you purchase this game and enjoy it, I encourage you to tell others about it and give me feedback at "recon589@comcast.net"


Buy Now$0.99 USD or more

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